Differences between branded content and content marketing

Among the strategies that a brand can use to promote its products and services are techniques centred around content, known as branded content and content marketing. Although these terms are similar and can be confused at times, they have several differences.

Both branded content and content marketing aim to create high-quality content that is interesting to users. However, branded content appeals to emotions and showcases the brand’s values, while content marketing aims to position the brand and, therefore, build customer loyalty.

What is branded content?

Branded content consists of a set of techniques focused on content that brands use to connect with users. By creating valuable, interesting, and unique content, brands can differentiate themselves and create value. This content, whether entertaining or informative, is created by the brand itself and not by third parties.

The main objectives of branded content are:

  • Provide brand value.
  • Establish the brand as a reference in the market.
  • Position the brand in the consumer’s mind by appealing to their emotions.
  • Increase the conversion rate of potential customers.

What is content marketing?

On the other hand, content marketing involves searching, analysing, and creating relevant content of an informative nature to reach the defined target audience. Unlike branded content, in content marketing, the content is created by third parties.

Additionally, content marketing incorporates techniques such as optimization, promotion, and positioning, such as SEO, social media engagement, and real-time communication with users or consumers. The objectives of content marketing include:

  • Position the brand as an authority or reference.
  • Increase consumer trust.
  • Enhance the organic reach of the brand through relevant content.
  • Generate audience engagement and, as a result, increase the number of customers.
  • Facilitate consumer decision-making.

Commonalities between branded content and content marketing

While there are notable differences between the two strategies, it’s important to highlight their similarities:

  1. Both strategies are focused on improving relationships with current and future users and customers.
  2. They are considered non-invasive techniques by users, which ensures greater engagement.
  3. Both strategies utilize content in various formats to achieve their goals, including text, video, podcasts, images, as well as newer formats such as infographics, eBooks, webinars, and even games.
  4. Another similarity between branded content and content marketing lies in indirect sales through the creation of content that promotes products and services.

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