At IBMH we offer you a quick guide about the mistakes that can be made during the negotiation of a purchase and manufacture with a Chinese hardware supplier.

For Chinese hardware suppliers, interpreting references in the production of a hardware is correct. For us, it may cause us serious problems, because what for a Chinese manufacturer is not important, for us could be very important. To resolve this, we must contact the supplier asking for openness and transparency in their communications with us. From IBMHCORP we prefer if any error is perceived, we should convey that we prefer bad news as soon as possible (which helps prepare and manage customers) than a late alarm.

In general, during the manufacturing process of a hardware by a Chinese  hardware supplier, the Chinese do not usually ask too many questions, per culture and custom. Our role is to encourage them to ask questions as well as follow-up answers always through our computerized purchasing management system in China, with which we maintain in a comprehensive way the communication with all the suppliers with whom we interact.

It is important to inspect the hardware in China not only at the end of the production, because if we find a problem at the end of production, the manufacturer will need a lot of time to solve it, which will surely prevent him from meeting production deadlines, causing serious supply problems to our international customers. For all of this, from IBMHCORP, we usually inspect in the middle of the production, since in the case of finding a quality problem, we will still have time to solve it and also comply with the production deadlines previously established in the invoice.