CEO Letter

I have a passion for my job. I live it fully and develop it eagerly every single day. I enjoy creating and helping. I’m good at building and developing projects. In other words, I just love to think about anything that my clients and business partners might need to be satisfied with my work as IBMH CEO.

There are 2 quotes that I especially appreciate as I feel they define my conception of work: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” by Confucius and another one from Eric Thomas, “No alarm clock needed. My passion wakes me.”

Anyone who knows me also knows that have no time limits when it comes to work. As a matter of fact, I barely make a difference between hobby and work. I live in a search of excellence and pleasure in what I do. I need to work and enjoy it at the same time. This is the way I want to live my life and I feel very privileged to be able to do so!

I have a precise vision of what I want to get from work every day and this certainly requires passion for the task ahead. In turn, this passion entails to have a taste for life, to be faithful to an idea, to hope and strive for excellence and to commit and keep enthusiastic for making the difference every single day. But it also means to take risks knowing that you may not succeed, even though your objective is to grow and keep an insatiable appetite to improve always.

IBMH Corporation, Ltd. was established in China as the result of my over 20 years procurement management personal experience in the furniture and construction hardware and accessories industry in the country. Over that period, I went though a lot of success and failures.

As we all know, perfection, when it comes to business, does not exist. But I strongly believe on positive attitude, perseverance, self-discipline and consistency. I truly believe there’s always a way of attaining one’s objective… despite adverse financial resources.

IBMH has grown so fast over the past few years! Our purchase management volume overcame $39 Million annually. We now managed 2,000 containers annually with clients in Latin America and the USA, Europe, Africa and Oceania. We have signed agreements to manage the purchase of major furniture fittings and construction hardware companies all over the world.

Because we work on 5 continents, we have a great global idea of the furniture fittings and construction hardware markets, which enables us to work efficiently and in a unique manner. In that sense, we are completely different from any other traditional procurement management company in China.

We can now say that IBMH is China’s furniture fittings and construction hardware Procurement Management leader company. We certainly owe our success to our company’s values –hard work, efficiency and quality–, but also to your support. Indeed, every single one of our clients that have trusted us over the years –and may have recommended us in all the different countries they work with–, have made this possible.

We are now represented in 27 countries. In the next 3 years, the International Extension Plan we have drawn up will take us to 50 more.

To improve our position in specific target markets, we also plan to open offices in strategic countries. Our objective is to meet the needs of all our clients, both on site and in real time, providing global services of superior excellence in all require

Our name inspires trust and confidence. Our client portfolio is growing fast. It is a real satisfaction to see how our clients benefit from working with us, witness how they are pleasantly surprised by how we work. The truth is, we enjoy being different!

In this global economic climate, the world is changing constantly, from one minute to the next. IBMH is well-known for reacting quickly and seeing the opportunities where they are, no matter how difficult the situation. The current time is certainly no exception. In IBMH we look ahead with enthusiasm. We take our chances and make sure we always get the most for our clients. Business excellence is what we want, and we provide. This is our corporate identity.

On my behalf and on the behalf of every single member of the IBMH team, I would like to thank you for the trust you place in our organization. Thanks to you, we can strive for higher goals.

Please do tell us what you need. We would love to know about it.


José Duque

President & CEO

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