At IBMH, we are excited to introduce our latest standout product – the Dual-Edge Edge Profiler. This versatile tool is invaluable for precise profiling and trimming, offering both speed and accuracy. Not only does it deliver efficiency, but it also al...
New! IBMH Dual-Edge Edge Profiler
The Silk Road, an ancient system of trade routes connecting Asia to Europe, originated in the 2nd century BC with the initial purpose of facilitating the trade of Chinese silk with the Roman Empire. This commercial corridor not only transported goods but also ...
The Silk Road: A Millennia-Old Exchange Route.
You’ll agree with us that nowadays, strategic collaborations have become a fundamental tool for the growth and sustainability of businesses. In the case of hardware companies, considering the possibility of initiating a business cooperation could be the ...
Should Your Hardware Company Initiate a Business Cooperation?
Re-branding, or the change of a brand’s image, is a key strategy in the business world that involves the review and renewal of a company’s identity. In an ever-evolving business environment, the question arises: is it time to subject your brand to a...
Is it time for a re-branding?


Chinese Proverbs Applied to Business: Part II

2023-09-12T16:27:08+00:00 September 15th, 2023|

Chinese Proverbs, called “yyànyŭ,” are phrases that capture the wisdom of illustrious philosophers and thinkers throughout the centuries. They not only help us understand the world around us but also prove to be of great assistance in building and maintaining prosperous business relationships. Below, you’ll find the Chinese proverbs that continue to have a significant impact on business. […]

Advantages of Hiring Young Talent

2023-09-12T16:15:55+00:00 September 13th, 2023|

The success of a company is not solely dependent on the business idea itself, but also on the people who are part of it. The employees play such a significant role in a company. It’s not surprising for Human Resources to focus all their attention on the selection process. What advantages can hiring young talent bring to a company like yours? Let’s find out! […]

Ultra Slim Drawer: IBMH’s Featured Product

2023-07-19T09:27:36+00:00 August 18th, 2023|

On this occasion, we take pride in introducing our latest product. It is an ultra-slim drawer that can be easily installed in various types of furniture. For instance, it can be used in the bathroom cabinet, bedroom, or any other space where it is needed. This drawer is designed with new, very thin side panels, as the name suggests, but they are highly durable, maximizing the interior space of each drawer. […]

New: Telescopic Guides with Smooth-Closing Ball Bearings

2023-07-06T10:47:43+00:00 July 14th, 2023|

As experts in the hardware and furniture accessories sector in China, at IBMH, we continue to introduce innovative models for companies like yours to incorporate into their hardware catalogues. That’s why today we would like to introduce you to our new Telescopic Guides with smooth-closing ball bearings and push-to-open function. Let us tell you about their features and functions! […]

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