At IBHM we have been in the INTERZUM GUANGZHOU fairs and the first phase of the CANTON FAIR in Guangzhou, in order to see if we could actually find some good manufacturer of furniture hardware, door hardware and kitchen furniture hardware.


We do not have a special confidence in the trade fairs in China, because if you do not have enough experience to identify the hardware manufacturer, who is a Trading or even who is what we call “A pirate” (someone who is presented to the fair as an exhibitor and does not manufacture or have a company), you can have a very unpleasant experience.

In China you have to be very careful, because one must know very well who deposited money before making payment in advance of an order, because it is not enough for them to teach us a sample that seems to be good and that the manufacturer shows us a price that priori seems interesting.

It is not reliable that in its trade fair stand he places subtly products or boxes of large international companies of the furniture hardware industry, as making understand to visitors that they are those who manufacture for these important companies.

ferias china

We should know who is behind this person that is offering us something which, a priori, seems interesting.

The questions we must ask are as follows:

1. Is he really the direct manufacturer of the hardware that he is showing us?

2. Will the order that I will receive in my country contain hardware with the same specifications and features that the previous hardware that they showed me?

4. Is he a real hardware manufacturer or parts assembler who today buys the parts on one side and tomorrow buys them in another?

5. Is a hardware manufacturer that has its own polishing, finishing and painting line, or on the other hand is a factory that subcontracts this service today in China and tomorrow in another worse?

There are many aspects that must be taken into account when assessing a Chinese supplier of hardware. We cannot lead us by a simple sign or initial price, because behind this information there are a lot of aspects that must be controlled carefully, because if we ignore them and blindly trust since the beginning, the final surprise could be particularly unpleasant.

This is why IBMHCORP performs audits of hardware factories, and we make surprise visits to factories to see if they really are those who are manufacturing our product and with what means.

All this in order to be able to determine if it really is the ideal hardware factory that we recommend to our international customers; In addition we make rigorous quality controls prior to the shipment of the goods to the destination country, to ensure that the final hardware meets all the requirements to technical level previously established.

ferias china

The furniture hardware are our specialty, as we have been in this sector almost 22 years, 15 of them with direct management in China, but logically we are also specialized in door hardware and kitchen furniture hardware, because our clients demand us daily the purchase of large quantity of hardware for very different uses.

Logically in the fairs we can find also large Chinese factories of furniture hardware that have a good quality, but it is probably that the problem that we can find is that its price is not as competitive, or, at least, the really interesting to compete properly on our market.

In IBMH we take advantage of the fairs not to get suppliers, but to learn about trends, ideas, new hardware, etc., with which we can be abreast of hardware manufactured in China, because only in this way we can then recommend all these products to our international clients.

ferias china

Logically, manufacturing them through other Chinese factories, which are those that we know, they can offer us this hardware, in terms of prices, much more competitive than these other companies presented in the international fairs and therefore have to increase in their selling prices the costs involving this.

In China, we like to visit other fairs of a more local nature, those which are real factories, with affordable costs for them, companies that do not have Export Department or people who speak English, which do not arise in the international fairs and therefore your selling price will always be much more competitive.