The great Asian giant offers us a world of possibilities when importing products of an exceptional quality. But you have to be very cautious and rely on a quality control expert when it comes to our orders, because China is not gold that glitters.

China is a country with ideal dealer profile, since it offers products at very reasonable prices. Therefore, we think that, as purchase managers and experts in outsourcing, it is an ideal place to create prototypes of hardware and negotiate them at the best price. However, the biggest challenge of working in China is to ensure the quality of the products.

At IBMH, we have established a very strict system of management and quality control in China, to guarantee the quality of the final product, through consistent controls and inspections throughout the production process. Then we summarize the 5 reasons by which the quality control in China is essential.

  1. It is very important to start covering the exhaustive analysis of the quality of the raw material, since the prototypes shown by the supplier during the procurement management could not correspond to those made finally.


2. Our inspectors in the “Quality Inspection Report” have developed a computer system of last generation that allows you to surprise our customers with a fully digitized report with which you will have the feeling of being personally present inside the factory in which we have carried out the inspection. Therefore, a quality control is also very important to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

3. IBMH performs previous inspections, during the process, and at the end of the production to make sure that there are no problems during the production process, as well as carry out a final review prior to shipment of goods. Our audits in the factory assure us that the supplier has the necessary legal licences and certification (for example, the export licence), has built its own quality management system, performs the CIC of raw materials/components, etc. The realization of a professional audit of a Chinese manufacturer helps to determine with reliability if we are working with a competent provider.


4. Also it is essential to create a “suppliers guide” in the process of quality control in China: a document that describes the policies and procedures to be followed by a manufacturer. With an expert during the quality control you will get social compliance guidelines, shipping and logistics, packaging standards, samples are approved and we receive the authorization to start the production, etc..

5. Finally, the adequate quality control must include the terms and conditions that we agree, to make sure that we will get what we negotiated. This includes the terms of payment, an agreement of no disclosure (NDA), penalties for late shipments or defective orders and the right of inspection.


With IBMH you will have a checklist of quality control and the necessary help with the provider to transmit the expectations of manufacturers, to identify ways of improving, foresee any problem and, in the worst cases, to correct a defect.