As you know, one of the priorities of IBMH is attend the most important fairs in the sector to try to detect new trends in the market. The aim is to provide better care and advice to our customers. We are experts in analysis and management of suppliers. So we want to save that job and be always informed of everything before anyone else within our sector.

We recently visited KBC 2016 – The 21st Kitchen & Bath China 2016 and, subsequently, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition


You will learn the best and worst of each one of them.

  1. The most popular lighting fair in Canton, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, is definitely a good place to visit and learn. It is a fair where the Chinese lighting manufacturers come together to launch and show all of their products, both the new ones coming in the future and those already presented in the market.


    This time we were shocked with the large number of Chinese factories that are making a great effort to compete with the big brands and find a space in an expanding market, as it is the LED lighting.


  1. The quality of the products made by Chinese manufacturers, is generally improving very fast. After 2015, the Taiwan market stopped growing slightly and the Chinese were able to earn a decent position in the battle for affordable and high quality products.

    Imported LED Light by IBMH.

    Imported LED Light by IBMH.

  1. The local authority of China has announced the closure of more than 5,000 plants between 2015 and 2016, due to alleged bad business processes, non-professional production lines and low quality. But now things are changing: Chinese manufacturers want to get the highest quality and have a possibility of export to the EU and the US, so the market has forced them to be increasingly better. Today we can say that overall quality in China has definitely increased and the cost has been maintained, becoming a direct competitor with giant companies like Taiwanese Epistar and Sanan.


  1. Another interesting fact is that the product exhibited in the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, has been 100% the LED lighting, which since its emergence in the market just 10 years ago has completely replaced incandescent lamps. No one could have imagined then that LED could light a whole football stadium, airports and even swimming pools. LEDs are in continuous process of adapting to new and different industries, and even intend to become renewable energy, as we saw in this fair.

  1. Finally we should highlight that the advantages of LED lighting are numerous but unfortunately in this fair there were not many LED products exposed related to industries that interest us particularly, such as construction and accessories for decoration and furniture manufacturing.Foto 2

  1. IBMH has also visited the famous fair of Shanghai “KBC 2016 – The 21st Kitchen & Bath China 2016 during the days 7, 8 and 9 of June. We have seen that it is a trade fair focused at 80% on the bathroom furniture sector.

    Foto 5

  1. Some of the presented products have also surprised us, in particular a new cleaning system similar to a Jacuzzi with micro bubble which cleans the 100% of the body without using any soap or chemical product, eliminating impurities, dirt and dead skin.

    Foto 3

  1. With regard to the Sector of the furniture hardware, door hardware, or hardware for kitchen furniture, we have seen that presented offer did not reach even 1% of global offer of the trade fair, something quite disappointing.

  1. We have also seen that presented hardware were focused to a Chinese local market with high purchasing power and which demands products of well-known brands at European level, and International hardware brands such as BLUM, KESSEBÖHMER, HETTICH or GRASS.

    Foto 7

  1. We have also noticed the picaresque of many Chinese factories trying to mislead the customer using names similar to big brands, offering a medium or even low quality hardware imitating high-quality hardware brands manufactured in Germany, Austria or Italy.

In addition, we can say that after visiting this fair and know better the city of Shanghai, some members of the IBMH team have offered to open our first office in the city. Without a doubt, visit trade fairs can bring unexpected ideas, so our plan for the future in 3 – 5 years is to open an office in Shanghai to provide better support and control to purchases that we currently manage for our clients.