The Canton Fair is one of the most important and largest in China. Since its founding, in 1957, its greatest attraction has been its large number of articles exposed every spring and fall. Its orientation towards trade in import and export, in addition to its flexible trading system, allows attendees to find excellent business opportunities with the various hardware suppliers in China. Little news in the last edition of the Canton Fair.

Despite its great prestige and attractiveness for those seeking to import hardware from China, and to its large number of products exhibited for those who want to buy hardware wholesale, the truth is that the last edition of the Canton Fair has not shown innovation or purchasing facilities for those people who have travelled to buy hardware in China.


The main reason for this fact, is due to the large number of trading companies, that far from being manufacturers, only focus on buying; in addition to a large number of assemblers disguised as “manufacturers”, who gather all their pieces acquired in various factories and put them together to expose them at the fair. The real manufacturers only represent 5% of the exhibitors, making difficult the quality of the purchase process for the experienced buyers and the location of the option in terms of suppliers.


IBMHCORP’s goal has been to represent our customers as purchasing agents, specialized in buying hardware in China for doors, furniture, wood derivatives and home decorating products. The key of their work is the localization and direct negotiation with the hardware suppliers in China and manufacturers that best suit the needs of the customer.

However, the last edition of the Canton Fair has yielded results far below the expectations of IBMH as Buying Agents. Not only because always the same suppliers attend the fair, but because they are located in the same place and exhibit the same products as in previous years.


So what kind of improvements can be achieved?

Despite its failures, the Canton Fair has not stopped representing a great opportunity for novice buyers who want to buy hardware in China or other materials, because by visiting this fair they can have an idea of the products that are usually found in China. Little innovation in managing to achieve better costs has been the result of IBMH’s experience during the fair.