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The latch is hook-shaped, generally used to hold the door frame. The Sliding Door Lock generally suitable for the push-pull metal doors, shutter doors and wood doors, including shutter door locks, aluminum door locks and so on.

Sliding door lock, comprising a lock housing accommodating the lock of each rectangular member, characterized in that: in the middle of the lock housing interior, with a crank mounted or installed by the direction of the interior of the cylinder direction of rotation of the outdoor. Drive rotates the lock housing, to move up and down inside the two racks meshing with said rack by two cylindrical pins thereon, are connected to the mounting in the interior of the upper and lower sides of the lock housing two hook-shaped latch pin holes on the two hook-shaped bolt struck when moving up and down around the two rack fixed to the lock housing bolt shaft, when in an unlocked state, the two were transferred to the hook bolt lock housing interior, when in the locked state, the two hook-shaped tongue are transferred from the lock housing interior, transferred and mounted on the door hook locks hanging, the sliding sash lock.

Sliding Door Lock are one of the most important products among Door Hardware.
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83.01 Padlocks and locks (key, combination or electrically operated), of base metal; Clasps and frames with clasps, incorporating locks, of base metal; BASE METAL KEYS FOR THESE ITEMS.
8301.40.00 Other locks locks: