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Oriented strand board (OSB), also called sterling board, sterling OSB, austenite, and smartly in British, is definitely an designed wood particleboard created with the addition of glues after which blending layers of wood strands (flakes) in specific orientations. OSB could have a rough and variegated surface using the individual strips close to 2.5 × 15 centimeters (1" × 6"), laying unevenly across one another and is available in a number of types. OSB is really a material rich in mechanical qualities making it particularly appropriate for load-bearing programs in construction. The most typical uses are as sheathing in walls, flooring, and roof patio decking. For exterior wall programs, sections can be found having a radiant-barrier layer pre-laminated to one for reds this helps reduce installation and increases energy performance from the building envelope. OSB also sees some use within furniture production. OSB2 is really a precision-designed board for structural use within load bearing dry conditions. It's a versatile option to plywood, it's ideal for various uses from site hoarding to show stands, sheds to shelving. OSB3 is really a precision-designed structural board to be used in load bearing damp conditions. OSB3 is appropriate for: timber frame housing flat and pitched roofs wall sheathing flooring portable structures caravans and farming structures. Changes towards the manufacturing process can impart variations thick, panel size, strength, and rigidity. OSB sections don't have any internal gaps or voids, and therefore are water-resistant, even though they require additional membranes to attain impermeability to water and aren't suggested for exterior use. The end product has qualities much like plywood, but is uniform and cheaper. When examined to failure, OSB includes a greater load-bearing capacity than milled wood sections. It's changed plywood in lots of conditions, particularly the United States structural panel market.

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44.10 PARTICLE BOARD, BOARD CALLED "oriented strand board" (OSB) AND SIMILAR BOARD (FOR EXAMPLE, "waferboard"), of wood or other ligneous materials, whether or not bonded with resins or other organic substances.
4410.1 Wood:
4410.12 Boards called "oriented strand board" (OSB):
4410.12.10 Unwrought or just sanded