Flooring Accessories


  • Decorative Mold
  • Reducer Accesories for Flooring
  • Flooring End Cap
  • Flooring Quarter Round
  • Flooring Stair Nose
  • Flooring Cladding
  • Stair-Nose
  • T-Moulding
  • Floor Joint Accessories
  • MDF Mouldings
  • Sockets
  • Skirting Boards
  • Molding for Corners
  • Rolled Sockets
  • Flooring Corner Cover
  • Floors


Flooring accessories would be the add-ons needed once the floor installation , its primary items are moisture-proof film (plastic film fix underneath the floor to act as moisture-proof ), baseboard, skirting board, the moldings, close trim and so forth, they are able to act as covering hidden, modification and safeguarding the advantage of wooden flooring. Result in the floor simpler to keep, existence is extremely lengthy-lasting. As installing wooden flooring call for a complete system of add-ons, adding, buckle among the most significant parts, mainly for resolve the fixed from the floor, shut, connections, transitions, along with other interface issues abutment, first is leave sufficient expansion space for that expansion and contraction from the floor, second is safeguard the advantage from the floor from put on, act as connection, protection and decoration. Some good examples of accessories are: Skirting Molder Tee Reducer Carpet Reducer Finish- Cap Stair Nose Quarter Round Scotia Decorative Mold, also called kick boards or feet line, is a vital node in the earth floor and walls built in the intersection. Skirting board has two effects: First, protection, cover the floor and wall joints, better align having a solid, reducing wall deformation, to prevent harmful the collision pressure between your wall and also the ground second decorative role, In room design, waistline, skirting (base board) plays a balancing role in vision. Skirting board can safeguard the wall, to avoid things moving, walking or doing clean the walls dirty (skirting board can also be simple to scrub). Utilizing their linear feels and texture, and color echoed within the room, you are able to play a much better landscape designs decorative effect. The most popular market, making baseboard materials: raw wood materials, MDF, HDF, and new materials PVC polymer foam materials. Each material features its own qualities. PVC polymer foam materials are an increasing star, because its formulation doesn't contain lead, it won't emit dangerous gases on your body, ammonia, chemicals, etc., to ensure that the non-toxic non-radioactive. Additionally, the PVC skirting installation without decorative fresh paint, wood baseboard, although harmless to humans, however the fresh paint has triggered the pollution. Also there's the fabric of ceramic,could be matched up with floor and waterproof, fireproof, simple to clean.

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44.11 FIBREBOARD WOODY WOOD OR OTHER MATERIALS, WHETHER bonded with resins or other organic substances.
4411.9 Other:
4411.92 Of greater than 0.8 g / cm³ density:
4411.92.90 Other