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Particle board, also called particleboard and chipboard, is definitely an designed wood product constructed from wood chips, sawmill particles, or perhaps saw dust, along with a synthetic resin or any other appropriate binder, that is pressed and extruded. Particleboard is really a composite material. Particleboard cost less, denser and much more uniform than conventional wood and plywood and it is replaced on their behalf when appearance and strength are less important than cost. However, particleboard can be created more appealing by painting or using wood veneers onto surfaces that'll be visible. Although it is denser than conventional wood, it's the least heavy and poorest kind of fiber board, aside from insulation board. Medium-density fiberboard and hardboard, also known as high-density fiber board, are more powerful and denser than particleboard. Different grades of particleboard have different densities, with greater density connoting greater strength and greater potential to deal with failure of screw nails. A significant drawback to particleboard is it is extremely vulnerable to expansion and discoloration because of moisture, particularly when it's not engrossed in fresh paint or any other sealer. Therefore, it's rarely used outdoors or locations that have high amounts of moisture, except for some lavatories, kitchen areas and laundries, where it's generally utilized as an underlayment beneath a continuing sheet of vinyl floors. It will, however, possess some advantages if this involves creating your cabinet box and shelves. For instance, it's perfect for affixing cabinet door hinges towards the sides of frameless cabinets. Plywood can feather off in sheaves when extreme weight is positioned around the hinges. In comparison, particleboard supports the screws in position under similar weight.

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44.10 PARTICLE BOARD, BOARD CALLED "oriented strand board" (OSB) AND SIMILAR BOARD (FOR EXAMPLE, "waferboard"), of wood or other ligneous materials, whether or not bonded with resins or other organic substances.
4410.1 Wood:
4410.12 Boards called "oriented strand board" (OSB):
4410.12.10 Unwrought or just sanded
44.10 PARTICLE BOARD, BOARD CALLED "oriented strand board" (OSB) AND SIMILAR BOARD (FOR EXAMPLE, "waferboard"), of wood or other ligneous materials, whether or not bonded with resins or other organic substances.
4410.1 Wood:
4410.11 Particle board:
4410.11.10 Unwrought or just sanded